Lot # 30: 1955 Topps #123 Sandy Koufax Rookie PSA 8 NM-MT

Price: $19,500.00

Status: Available


KOUFAX ROOKIE!!!... Presented here just happens to be one of the "hottest" cards in the hobby for one of the most iconic hurlers that ever toed the rubber. This magnificent PSA 8 Sandy Koufax 1955 Topps rookie card has been realizing extraordinary skyrocketing price tags, with a most recent copy fetching an amazing $80,000! Along with the Mantle, Aaron, Mays, Clemente and Aaron rookie cards, the "Koufax Rookie" has officially joined those revered keepsakes as the most coveted 1950's inaugural cards with its ultimate value on a seemingly infinite journey. You will not get any arguments that Sandy Koufax, at peak value, was the greatest pitcher who ever lived. From 1962 through 1966, he dominated major league hitters as no other pitcher ever has, to the tune of 3 Cy Young awards and 4 no-hitters (including one perfect game!). Synonymous with those world-class achievements are the breathtaking aesthetics of this museum worthy masterpiece, starting with the brilliant Koufax portrait and pitching images that portray crystal clear clarity and sparkling hues. The radiant and virtually flawless background atypically depicts near-perfect centering between four absolutely blinding white borders. The pinpoint corner tips and razor sharp edging would be leading candidates to cut any surface, and the verso likewise depicts spectacular quality with both surfaces virtually immaculate. The phrase "pack fresh" is synonymous with this 61-year old cardboard marvel emanating unparalleled aesthetics, and easily meriting the hallowed PSA 8 assessment. Over a 5-year period, Koufax set the ultimate benchmark for pitching excellence, with his 1955 Topps rookie card residing as his most exalted cardboard heirloom. While no one can guarantee how long the 1950's high-grade rookie card surge will continue, at this juncture it certainly appears that no end is in sight!

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