Lot # 466: 1956 Topps #31 Hank Aaron White Back PSA 9 MINT

Price: $12,500.00

Status: Available


HANK!!!...By the beginning of the 1956 season, Henry Aaron had established himself as one of the game's formidable right-handed sluggers, belting 27 round-trippers and knocking in over 100 runs during his stellar 1955 season. Who could have possibly realized this trend would continue for nearly two more decades, with the immortal Aaron eventually surpassing the "Sultan of Swat's" seemingly unapproachable 714-homer mark during the 1974 season. The Topps Chewing Gum Company rewarded the Braves slugger with an imposing 1956 issue that included classic portrait and "sliding into home plate" images that place this card as a personal favorite for a myriad of his admiring collector base. If you are seeking one of the pinnacle specimens of the 1956 Topps Aaron, then look no further because his breathtaking PSA Mint 9 "white back" offering shares the distinction of being the finest PSA copy on the planet! Pinpoint corners, a sharp perimeter, brilliant surfaces and an immaculate white back are the final exclamation points for this pristine prize that has not been bested by a single PSA specimen!

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